Vital Caspian Graphics 2 - Opportunities, Aspirations and Challenges, 2012
The Caspian Sea region has witnessed important developments in the past decade and many opportunities are still available. The region is a major supplier of hydrocarbons to the world market, and ...
Published to 'Vital Caspian Graphics 2' 14 Feb 2012
Coal Land - Faces of Donetsk
In this publication we have tried to collect data, thoughts and impressions from several years of cooperation between the Environment and Security initiative and the people and authorities of Do ...
Published to 'Book' 16 Feb 2011
Balkan Vital Graphics
Environmental protection is one of the areas where the Balkan countries still face a big challenge to catch up with their western neighbours. After the 1990s conflicts and the breakup of Yugosla ...
Published to 'Balkan Vital Graphics' 29 Apr 2007