Environment and Security

Two journalists win awards to investigate environmental crime (Journalism)
GRID-Arendal and SKUP (The Norwegian Foundation for a Free and Investigative Press)today named the two winners of theEnvironmental Investigative Journalism grant for 2015.
Published to 'News' 22 Dec 2015
The “Expert Elicitation Method”: A New Approach to State of the Environment Reporting
Tackling complex environmental issues means countries need new policies based on up-to-date and concrete information on the state of their environment, the threats it faces, and how they can be ...
Published to 'News' 23 Nov 2015
Large-Scale Land Acquisition
Large-scale land investments is not a new phenomenon in Africa, but the speed and scale to which it is occurring today makes it one of the most pressing issues on the continent. These land inves ...
Published to 'Projects & Activities' 20 Sep 2013
Environmental Crime
Organised, environmental crime constitute crime that is linked to illegal logging, fisheries, mining, illegal disposal of and sale in toxic waste, and poaching and trade in endangered species of ...
Published to 'Projects & Activities' 20 Sep 2013
Arctic side event during UNEP meeting in Nairobi
February 18, 2013, Nairobi, Kenya, - A side event entitled "What future for the Arctic?" was organized on the occasion of theFirst Universal Session of the Governing Council / Global Ministerial ...
Published to 'News' 18 Feb 2013
UNEP Year Book 2013 is launched
February 18, 2013, Nairobi, Kenya - The 2013 edition of the UNEP Year Book was released by UNEP Executive Director, Achim Steiner, during the opening press conference of the First Universal Sess ...
Published to 'News' 18 Feb 2013
Journalist training on climate change held in Nepal
A journalist training workshop, held inNepal, brought together about 20 different journalists from the region to improve their skills for communicating on climate change.
Published to 'News' 18 Feb 2013
ENVSEC Reports released in Astana
Two reports jointly prepared by Zoi Environment and GRID-Arendal for the Environment and Security Initiative were launched at the Seventh “Environment for Europe” Ministerial Conference that too ...
Published to 'News' 21 Sep 2011
Environment and Security in the Amu Darya River Basin, 2011
The prime aim of this report is to identify the environmental stress points in the Amu Darya basin which have, or may have, security repercussions for the states and population.The report then s ...
Published to 'Book' 21 Sep 2011
Climate Change in Eastern Europe, Russian, 2011
The publication prepared by Zoi in cooperation with GRID-Arendal and the Environment and Security initiative explores the impacts of climate change on Belarus, Moldova and Ukraine. The three cou ...
Published to 'Book' 21 Sep 2011
Coal Land - Faces of Donetsk
In this publication we have tried to collect data, thoughts and impressions from several years of cooperation between the Environment and Security initiative and the people and authorities of Do ...
Published to 'Book' 16 Feb 2011
Reports on environment and urban development for Alaverdy, Gumri and Hrazdan in Armenia
The integrated urban environmental assessment reports based on GEO-Cities methodology covering three Armenian cities: Alaverdy, Gumri and Hrazdan have been made in the framework of the Environme ...
Published to 'Book' 12 Feb 2010
Environment and Security issues in the Southern Mediterranean Region
If not addressed and resolved, environmental problems – water shortages, land degradation, pollution – can become security threats. In this respect the Mediterranean is one of the world’s most v ...
Published to 'Complete collection' 19 Nov 2009
Environment and Security: Transforming risks into cooperation
The case of the Eastern Caspian Region This report examines the role and impact of environmental factors in securing human safety and sustained development of the eastern Caspian Sea region, in ...
Published to 'Book' 12 Nov 2008
Eastern Europe, Caucasus, and Central Asia (EECCA)
In EECCA GRID-Arendal continues to build on long-standing interactions with a range of countries and the in-depth understanding of the region acquired by staff and key partners over the past two ...
Published to 'Websites' 17 Jun 2008
Mining for Closure: Policies, practises and guidelines for sustainable mining and closure of mines
Mining for Closure – Policies and guidelines for sustainable mining practice and closure of mines aims to present a basis for action within South Eastern Europe (SEE) and within the Tisza River ...
Published to 'Book' 29 Sep 2005
Environment and Security: Transforming risks into cooperation - Central Asia - Ferghana / Osh / Khujand area
Recent political developments in Kyrgyztan and Uzbekistan have once again drawn the world s attention to the Ferghana valley. Being the most fertile, densely populated region in the whole of Cen ...
Published to 'Book' 27 May 2005