Sustainable Tourism

Old ways, new ways: shifting the development narrative, or Einstein was right
As part of its effort to share experiences, knowledge and stories GRID-Arendal occasionally invites its experts to express themselves in a less formal manner. GRID-Arendal’s "Reflections" is a m ...
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Linking Tourism and Conservation Survey
We are pleased to announce a new GRID-Arendal Linking Tourism and Conservation survey. This survey is aimed at collecting information on existing global Sustainable Tourism initiatives that supp ...
Published to 'News' 03 Feb 2012
Sustainable Tourism at GRID-Arendal
Sustainable tourism incorporates positive economic, socio-cultural, environmental considerations and impacts, both during planning and implementation. Tourism is the largest industry sector supp ...
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Linking Tourism & Conservation Initiative
The aim of the initiative is to highlight well functioning examples where tourism supports the development and management of protected areas.
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Tourism in the Marine Environment
The earth’s oceans play a crucial role in maintaining the global environmental equilibrium. Healthy and functioning oceans provide essential services to human communities that support economic w ...
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Tourism in Polar and Cryosphere Environments
Tourism can be a powerful tool for bio-cultural conservation and espescially this combination can have positive impact on the sensitive polar and cryosphere environments. GRID-Arendal is UNEP' ...
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Experiential Nature-based Training
GRID-Arendal has expertise in nature-based experiential trainings for policy makers, organizational officials and government representatives.
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Facilitation and Workshops
GRID-Arendal specialises in facilitating synergies to create environmental knowledge for positive impact.
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Tourism in the African Region
GRID-Arendal has a long history of work in the African region. Falling under the Capacity Building and Assessment Programme of GRID-Arendal, Africa activities focus on providing science-based en ...
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Sustainable Tourism Resources
This section is under development Guidelines on biodiversity and Tourism Development The Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) and the international community has developed Guidelines on ...
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Peter Prokosch
Managing Director Phone: + 47 9025 4755, E-mail:
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Tourism Publications
GRID-Arendal has produced publications, in both printed and electronic formats, on a wide range of issues related to the environment. The following publications have been coordinated by GRID-Are ...
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Welcome to Sustainable Tourism
Join the 2014 LT&C study tour to the High Arctic - Read more... Sustainable tourism incorporates positive economic, socio-cultural, environmental considerations and impacts, both during planni ...
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Arctic Climate Training - 26 June – 3 July 2011
A 7-day training programme to raise awareness of the youth on the impact of climate change in the Arctic takes place this summer in Svalbard, Norway aboard the ship M/v "Antarctic Dream". Organi ...
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