Marine and coastal biodiversity conservation and sustainable use has been identified as one of the priorities for action under the Strategic Plan for Biodiversity 2011-2020 of the Convention on ...
Published to 'Projects & Activities' 05 Dec 2013
Large-Scale Land Acquisition
Large-scale land investments is not a new phenomenon in Africa, but the speed and scale to which it is occurring today makes it one of the most pressing issues on the continent. These land inves ...
Published to 'Projects & Activities' 20 Sep 2013
Environmental Crime
Organised, environmental crime constitute crime that is linked to illegal logging, fisheries, mining, illegal disposal of and sale in toxic waste, and poaching and trade in endangered species of ...
Published to 'Projects & Activities' 20 Sep 2013
Marine Newsletter #5 2013 – May
Highlights from the Marine Division at GRID-Arendal for May 2013
Published to 'News' 05 Jun 2013
Case Lake Sevan - Integrated Environmental Assessment of Lake Sevan (Armenia)
Lake Sevan, located in the central part of the Republic of Armenia, faces environmental challenges, caused by overexploitation of its water resources in the Soviet period for Sevan- Hrazdan hydr ...
Published to 'Lake Sevan' 10 Feb 2012
Linking Tourism & Conservation Initiative
The aim of the initiative is to highlight well functioning examples where tourism supports the development and management of protected areas.
Published to 'Details' 01 Jan 2012
Sustainable Tourism Resources
This section is under development Guidelines on biodiversity and Tourism Development The Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) and the international community has developed Guidelines on ...
Published to 'Background' 19 Dec 2011
Frequent travellers of the animal world at risk - New UNEP/CMS report on ecological networks
Across the planet millions of animals travel with the seasons from one location to the next. Not unlike modern transport systems with interconnected airports, road and railway grids, migratory s ...
Published to 'News' 21 Nov 2011
Living Planet: Connected Planet – Preventing the End of the World’s Wildlife Migrations through Ecological Networks
Through the air, over land and in water, over ten thousand species numbering millions of animals travel around the world in a network of migratory pathways. The very foundation of these migrator ...
Published to 'Living Planet: Connected Planet' 21 Nov 2011
Orangutans and the Economics of Sustainable Forest Management in Sumatra
Deforestation is responsible for approximately 17% of global greenhouse gas emissions, and is therefore a major contributor to climate change, but also to the loss of biodiversity and ecosystem ...
Published to 'Orangutans and sustainable forest management' 28 Sep 2011
Protecting Arctic Biodiversity: Limitations and strengths of environmental agreements
The Arctic region is characterized by some of the largest continuous intact ecosystems on the planet, but is facing increasingly larger threats. These threats include the full range of stressors ...
Published to 'Arctic Biodiversity' 27 Oct 2010
Dead planet, living planet: Biodiversity and ecosystem restoration for sustainable development
Biodiversity and ecosystems deliver crucial services to humankind – from food security to keeping our waters clean, buffering against extreme weather, providing medicines to recreation and addin ...
Published to 'Dead Planet, Living Planet' 03 Jun 2010
The Last Stand of the Gorilla - Environmental Crime and Conflict in the Congo Basin
Gorillas, the largest of the great apes, are under renewed threat across the Congo Basin from Nigeria to the Albertine Rift: poaching for bushmeat, loss of habitat due to agricultural expansion, ...
Published to 'Last Stand of the Gorilla' 24 Mar 2010
Vital Forest Graphics
A publication of theUN Environment Programme, the UN Food and Agriculture Organization and the UN Forum on Forests that serves as an advocacy tool to promote conservation and sustainable managem ...
Published to 'Vital Forest Graphics' 05 Jun 2009
An Integrated Ecosystem Management Approach to Conserve Biodiversity
The report highlights some of the main achievements of ECORA over the last 5 years. The project results represent the efforts of many people and organizations across Russia and the other Arctic ...
Published to 'Complete collection' 15 May 2009
GLOBIO - Global Methodology for Mapping Human Impacts on the Biosphere. Initiated to provide an inexpensive, simple scientifically based communication tool for mapping, at large scale, the likel ...
Published to 'Websites' 17 Jun 2008
The Last Stand of the Orangutan
State of Emergency: Illegal Logging, Fire and Palm Oil in Indonesia's National Parks The survival of orangutans and other rain forest wildlife in Indonesia is seriously endangered by illegal lo ...
Published to 'Complete collection' 17 Oct 2007
Vital Caspian Graphics - Challenges Beyond Caviar
We often associate the Caspian Sea with caviar that is legally or illegally finding its way to our tables, but overlook the footprints left by a number of industries installed on shores of the C ...
Published to 'Vital Caspian Graphics' 29 Jul 2007
Our Precious Coasts
Marine pollution, climate change and the resilience of coastal ecosystems. The ability of coral reefs to survive in a globally-warming world may crucially depend on the levels of pollution to w ...
Published to 'Our Precious Coasts' 29 Apr 2006
The Fall of the Water
Emerging threats to the water resources and biodiversity at the roof of the world to Asia’s lowland from land-use changes associated with large-scale settlement and piecemeal development.
Published to 'The Fall of the Water' 16 Nov 2004