Zambia - Atlas of our Changing Environment
Zambia has abundant water resources, vast forests,huge mineral deposits, and large tracts of arableland. These natural resources are important for thecountry’s economy, with copper and cobalt beingthe country’s main exports. While mining bringsinto the country much needed foreign exchange,the extraction of the minerals also results inenvironmental damage, including land degradation,deforesta ...
Strengthening the Africa Environment Information Network
The Africa Environmental Information Network (AfricaEIN) initiative succeeds the old Africa environmental InformationNetwork, which was launched in 2003 and was mandated by the African Ministerial Conference on the Environment(AMCEN) to, among other purposes, support the Africa Environment Outlook (AEO) process. The rebranding of theinitiative is a response to some of the challenges that the ...
Large-Scale Land Acquisition in Africa
Large-scale land investment is not a new phenomenon in Africa, but the speed and scale at which it is occurring today makes it one of the most pressing issues on the continent. These land investments are promoted by advocates as “win-win” solutions - benefiting national economies, rural development and ensuring food security at the same time. Critics on the other hand view large-scale land a ...
Toxic metals in children’s products: an insight into the market in Eastern Europe, the Caucasus and Central Asia
Toys and many other children’sproducts can keep children happy forhours. The right toys can stir youngimaginations, and often encourage thefirst vital steps in the learning process.However, children’s products canalso be a source of toxic chemicals,especially when their manufacture isnot properly regulated and laws are notsufficiently enforced.
Zambezi River Basin - Atlas of the changing Environment
The Zambezi River Basin Atlas of the Changing Environment isa basin collaborative initiative with the objective of providingscientific evidence about changes that are taking place in thenatural resources and the environment. The Atlas, with climatechange as its running theme, is for use by policy makers andother stakeholders, and the general public, to generate actiontowards climate resilien ...
Elephants in the Dust - The African Elephant Crisis
The African elephant, the largest remaining land mammal on the planet, is facing thegreatest crisis in decades. Reports of mass elephant killings in the media vividly illustratethe situation across many African elephant range States. This Rapid Response Assessment provides an overview of the current state of the African elephant alongside recommendations for action to ensure its protection.
Stolen Apes - The illicit trade in Chimpanzees, Gorillas, Bonobos and Orangutans
The illegal trade in wildlife makes up one part of the multi-billion dollar business thatis environmental crime and is increasingly being perpetrated at the cost of the poorand vulnerable.
Mercury - Time to act
This report speaks directly to governments involved in the development of the global treaty on mercury. It presents updates fromthe UNEP Global Mercury Assessment 2013 in short and punchyfacts and figures backed by compelling graphics, that providegovernments and civil society with the rationale and the imperative to act on this notorious pollutant.
Green Carbon, Black Trade: Illegal Logging, Tax Fraud and Laundering in the Worlds Tropical Forests
Environmental crime and the illegal grabbing of natural resources is becoming an evermore sophisticated activity requiring national authorities and law enforcement agenciesto develop responses commensurate with the scale and the complexity of the challengeto keep one step ahead.
Vital Graphics on Payment for Ecosystem Services - Realising Nature’s Value
This publication highlights the concept and selected market segments relating to payments for ecosystem services. It emphasises the role natural capital can play in both environmental conservation and in poverty alleviation, and highlights the potential benefits of ecosystem-based economic development in an accessible, non-technical manner.