Programme overview

In partnership with the European Environmental Agency (EEA), regional and sub-regional organizations, the Capacity Building and Assessments Programme supports environmental assessment and information management components of capacity building, including the implementation of the environment watch concept.

The Capacity Building and Assessments Programme seeks to enhance the impact of UNEP's work through the development of effective, innovative communication and outreach products on findings of environmental assessments, and facilitate dissemination of the environmental message through the use of traditional and new, innovative ways of communication that include the Internet, audiovisual and printed products.

The Capacity Building and Assessments Programme supports capacity building in the framework of the Bali Strategic Plan for Technology Transfer and Capacity Building, which was approved by the UNEP Governing Council in February 2005 - in areas of integrated environmental assessment and reporting; development of outreach and cartographic materials for awareness-raising through vital graphics production and media training workshops; and strengthening partnerships for development through staff exchanges with partners in the South. 

The Capacity Building and Assessments Programme works with countries, regions and cities, and has an increasing focus on building partnerships with the private sector.