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Stolen Apes - The illicit trade in Chimpanzees, Gorillas, Bonobos and Orangutans

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The illegal trade in wildlife makes up one part of the multi-billion dollar business that is environmental crime and is increasingly being perpetrated at the cost of the poor and vulnerable.

Available online: English PDF | French PDF (4 mb)

To date, conservation efforts have failed the great apes. Year after year, conferences and seminars celebrate a “renewed” engagement to save the great apes, which leaves the participants, as well as the public, with a feel-good sense of optimism. Then, year after year, we are surprised that conservation efforts barely affect the race towards extinction.

From the launch in Bangkok 3. Mar 2013



J. Kawarak - 04 Mar 2013
Thanks for publishing this book. It is really terrible what happens to these animals.
jose rena diuy - 29 Apr 2013
thts really f****** up these people should be arrested for life

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