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Changing Taiga: Challenges for Mongolia’s Reindeer Herders

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Mongolia’s reindeer herders and their taiga homeland are today facing unprecedented challenges from unregulated mining, forest logging, loss of access to natural resources, tourism, and climate change.

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The Dukha herders and their ancestors have lived for centuries in this fragile transition region on the edge of the steppes, practising an ancient and unique form of reindeer husbandry and helping to conserve the region’s unique biodiversity. Yet this system of reindeer husbandry, with its close relationship between man and reindeer, is under threat.

This publication addresses the current state of reindeer husbandry of northern Mongolia and presents recommendations from the Mongolian reindeer herders for improving the sustainability of reindeer herding and the management of pastures and their homeland.


JB - 26 Mar 2012
This is an interesting study that can very well be transferred to other regions of the world. Definitely worth a read. Thanks.
lawrence turner - 29 Mar 2012
save all life on earth !!!!!!! - 20 Apr 2012
i am specilist in aride zona reconstruction re forestry ecologic technology i want ofert of work in asia europe
in desertification area please contact me - 09 May 2012
Nosotras Etel y Yanina tenemos que analizar esta pagina debido a que nuestro profesor de geografia ambiental nos la ha asignado, y nos impacto fuertemente.
Esta muy interesante verdaderamente... DEBEMOS TOMAR CONCIENCIA!
flut - 06 Jan 2013
This will help you with your studys a lot!😉
flute - 06 Jan 2013
Laurence Turner is right! SAVE THE WORLD! 😇 😊

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