Planet in Peril: An Atlas of Current Threats to People and the Environment

This Atlas illustrates through texts and beautifully rendered maps, graphics and diagrams a holistic and well-researched analysis of today’s global issues and their impact on human population and the environment.  

Written by an international team of specialists, this Atlas illustrates through text and beautifully rendered maps, graphics and diagrams the interplay between population and the world’s ecosystems and natural resources both in the short and long terms.  It brings together a wealth of information from the most up-to-date sources on such key issues as climate change, access to water, exploitation of ocean resources, nuclear energy and waste, renewable energy, weapons of mass destruction, causes of industrial accidents, waste, export, hunger, genetically modified organisms, urban development, access to health care and ecological change in China.

Planet in Peril, which features the English translation of the environment pages L’Atlas 2006 by Le Monde diplomatique, is the result of a long-standing cooperation between Le Monde diplomatique and GRID-Arendal.

PDF format PDF  Download   Download the full report. (22 mb)

Maps & Graphics from the report


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Wernerlll - 17 Jul 2011
The population explosion is the greatest threat to our planet, mother earth. Man has not evolved yet to take stewardship of his place of birth. Unfortunately, the calamities that will beset mankind will end civilized behavior and end our species before the full imapct of climate change thake effect.
Wambo from Australia - 28 Mar 2012
I agree with the above comment 100%. However, the effects of over population is dramatically amplified by our economic ideology of consumption to drive growth (profit/employment), optimitically seen as un upward spiral of better living and prosperity; but of course the spiral is travelling in the opposite direction.

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