High mountain glaciers and climate change - Challenges to human livelihoods and adaptation


Climate change is causing signifcant mass loss of glaciers in high mountains worldwide. Although glacier systems show a great amount of inherent complexity and variation, there are clear overall trends indicating global glacier recession, which is likely to accelerate in coming decades. Large gaps remain in our understanding and ability to model accurately the key processes and cause-effect relationships driving glacier response to climate change. In addition, a lot of data on glacier mass changes are not available to the public due to national interests concerning water supply.

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Alejandro - 09 Dec 2010
Is it possible to receive a paper copy for universities?
brayden - 17 May 2011
but what about temperature
A, T. Grove - 29 Jul 2011
What and where is the answer to Alejandro's question?
Dominick - 11 Dec 2012
Cool I am working on that in school

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