Towards a Green Economy - Pathways to Sustainable Development and Poverty Eradication

Nearly 20 years after the Earth Summit, nations are again on the Road to Rio, but in a world very different and very changed from that of 1992.

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Over the last two years, the concept of a “green economy” has moved into the mainstream of policy discourse. Heads of state and finance ministers increasing speak about the green economy; it is referred to in the text of G20 communiqués and discussed in the context of sustainable development and eradicating poverty (United Nations General Assembly 2010).

This recent interest in a green economy has been intensified by widespread disillusionment with our prevailing economic paradigm, emanating from the many concurrent and recent crises – particularly the recession of 2008-2009. At the same time, increasing evidence is pointing to an alternative paradigm, in which increased wealth does not lead to growing environmental risks, ecological scarcities and social disparities. 

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W. Bologne - 23 Feb 2011
This is an interesting book for sure! Is it available in print?
E.H. - 23 Feb 2011
Great work! Green economy is the future
Anne Solgaard - 23 Feb 2011
The full report is only available online.The launch on 21 Feb, was a soft launch, hence there will be some adjustments to the report you can now read online. We will keep you posted on developments as they unfold.
Mohammed Sadeck - 26 Feb 2011

The Green Economy Report (Initiative) is a timely publication which shows the need for a global and integrated Socio-Economic Programme (of the Humanity) and the possibility for Sustainable Development within a Culture of Risk Management supported by a sound Public Private Partnership.
Azubuike Amadi - 06 Jun 2011
The green economy has not impacted on african economy, we are yet to see the relationship between principle and practice.African environment is in a state of terrible mess,effects of crude oil exploitation and exploration by western firms in hos t african countries like Nigeriais best described as the hight of inhumanity
Ecotourism Kazakhstan Almaty - 08 Jul 2011
we would like to have the report in Russian - Thanks
Infovertes - 18 Jan 2012
C'est une publication intéressante à l'approche de Rio 20
GA Staff - 24 Jan 2012
The Green Economy report is now available through GRID-Arendal's iPad app - 24 Apr 2012
What a very interesting report! It's useful for my on-going research.
Syed Khursheed Zaidi - 17 Nov 2012
Facinating book indeed. Electronic version should have a built-in update link to make it more useful. Thanks in advance for accepting this idea
hnin2aung - 26 Jun 2013
green economy is very important in new world so everyone should know knowledge about green economy, i will try this on going research
mwatujobe asajile - 08 Apr 2014
there is a need of massive capital to achieve green economy principles and practice in developing nations particular in Africa

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