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Global Outlook for Ice & Snow
The “Global Outlook for Ice & Snow” is a special and unique UNEP report launched to mark World Environment Day on 5 June 2007. Snow and ice, with their large areas but relatively small volumes, are inextricably connected to key interactions and responses in the global ecosystem, including sola ...
Published to 'Publication List' 04 Jun 2007
The UNEP Shelf Programme
The UNEP Shelf Programme is a partnership of international organizations with expertise in marine geoscience and maritime law, established to assist developing States and small island developing States in defining the outer limits of their continental shelf and preparing their submissions for as ...
Published to 'Websites' 09 Nov 2005
Globalis is an interactive world atlas where you decide what is to be displayed on the map. Globalis aims to create an understanding for similarities and differences in human societies, as well as how we influence life on the planet. This is primarily done using visual means. Visit the website ...
Published to 'Websites' 16 Nov 2003
In Dead Water
Merging of Climate Change With Pollution, Over-Harvest, and Infestations in the World's Fishing Grounds A rapid response report that mapsthe multiple and combined impacts of pollution; alien infestations; over-exploitation and climate change on the seas and oceans.
Published to 'Publication List' 15 Apr 2008
The Last Stand of the Orangutan
State of Emergency: Illegal Logging, Fire and Palm Oil in Indonesia's National Parks The survival of orangutans and other rain forest wildlife in Indonesia is seriously endangered by illegal logging, forest fires including those associated with the rapid spread of oil palm plantations, illega ...
Published to 'Publication List' 17 Oct 2007
Balkan Vital Graphics
Environmental protection is one of the areas where the Balkan countries still face a big challenge to catch up with their western neighbours. After the 1990s conflicts and the breakup of Yugoslavia, six new Balkan states emerged.
Published to 'Balkan Vital Graphics' 29 Apr 2007
Our Precious Coasts
Marine pollution, climate change and the resilience of coastal ecosystems The ability of coral reefs to survive in a globally-warming world may crucially depend on the levels of pollution to which they are exposed, new findings indicate. 
Published to 'Our Precious Coasts' 29 Apr 2006
Vital Caspian Graphics - Challenges Beyond Caviar
We often associate the Caspian Sea with caviar that is legally or illegally finding its way to our tables, but overlook the footprints left by a number of industries installed on shores of the Caspian that are serving the world wealthiest market demands.
Published to 'Vital Caspian Graphics' 29 Jul 2007
Vital Ozone Graphics
"Vital Ozone Graphics – resource kit for journalists" is a joint publication of UNEP DTIE OzonAction and GRID-Arendal. It features 30+ new graphics explaining physical, technical, economic and political aspects of the disconcerting process of ozone destruction in the atmosphere and the human a ...
Published to 'Vital Ozone Graphics' 29 May 2007
The Environment & Poverty Times No. 5
The paper features a collection of short articles, maps, graphics and other illustrations that focuses on the complex links between environment and poverty reduction. It describes how natural resources can contribute to economic growth that also benefits the poor.
Published to 'Environment & Poverty Times No. 5' 05 Jun 2008