GRID-Arendal has produced publications, in both printed and electronic formats, on a wide range of issues related to the environment.

Waste Management Outlook for Mountain Regions - Sources and Solutions
Mountains play an essential role in supplying water, energy, food and other services to millions of people living in the mountains and downstream. Ensurin ...
11 Dec 2016
Sustainable mountain development in East Africa in a changing climate
Mountains directly contribute to the lives of much of the world’s population through the provision of freshwater or irrigation for agriculture; they are t ...
19 Oct 2016
The Ocean and Us
How healthy marine and coastal ecosystems support the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.
26 Aug 2016
Marine Litter Vital Graphics
Every year, the sum of humanity’s knowledge increases exponentially. And as we learnmore, we also learn there is much we still don’t know. Plastic litter ...
06 Jul 2016
Blue Economy - Sharing Success Stories to Inspire Change
The oceans cover almost three quarters of the Earth’s surface and are home to more than half of all life forms, which often creates the false impression t ...
30 May 2016
Mesophotic Coral Ecosystems - A lifeboat for coral reefs?
The shallow coral reefs that we all know, are like the tip of an iceberg - they are the more visible part of an extensive coral ecosystem that reaches int ...
24 May 2016
World Ocean Assessment
The first World Ocean Assessment (WOA) is a report on the state of the planet’s oceans. It is the product of the first cycle of the Regular Process for gl ...
19 May 2016
Outlook on Climate Change Adaptation in the Tropical Andes Mountains
The Tropical Andes are the home to many diverse communities, from remote farming villages to large urban centres and capitals, such as Merida, Bogotá, Qui ...
27 Apr 2016
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