Climate in Peril - A popular guide to the latest IPCC reports

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Climate in Peril: A Popular Guide to the Latest IPCC Reports presents the substance of the Climate Change 2007 Synthesis Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change in simplified language and structure. The guide, intended for lay readers, is a joint publication of GRID-Arendal and SMI Books, with the generous support of the Norwegian Pollution Control Authority and the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency.

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Also available as Interactive E-Book: English | Norwegian

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Esteban - 03 Feb 2011
Is there a version of this document in Spanish?
- - 13 Jan 2012
How is this still relevant in light of the leaked "e-mails " which exposed the IPCC as something akin to a proffesional wrestling organization.
T.J. - 02 Jul 2013
You could answer that question with Google investigation, "--". I recommend the article on the topic, which also has extensive and healthy debate in the comment section.

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