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Impact II Seminar - June 2002 - Assessing the Impact of Environmental Information on Decision-Making Processes

Purpose of the Seminar:

  • To discuss and provide recommendations to GRID-Arendal's draft Communication Strategy;
  • In particular, to discuss and recommend how GRID-Arendal products can make effective contributions to policy development and decision-making in the context of the Rio-Johannesburg process altogether and in the WSSD context.

PDF format GRID-ARENDAL OCCASIONAL PAPER No. 1 2005 (1.3mb pdf)
We have the message, but how to communicate it using the right messenger? A collection of practices and lessons.

Three annual seminars were held (2000-2002), where GRID-Arendal and UNEP profited from panel expertise and stimulating discussions providing recommendations for follow-up. It is our hope that this Paper will further contribute to a result-oriented communication of environmental information, affecting policy development and decision-making.

Frits Schlingemann, Director, UNEP’s Regional Office for Europe: Rio-Johannesburg with a particular emphasis on UNEP/RoE-GRID-Arendal cooperation, highlights and prospects (soon to come) [Word]

Øystein Dahle, GRID-Arendal Board member and Chairman, Worldwatch Institute, Washington: The challenge of sustainability [Word]

Domingo Jiménéz-Beltrán, Former Executive Director, EEA: Late Lessons from Early Warnings: the precautionary principle 1896-2000. [Power Point] | Full Report - External link

Pekka Haavisto, Chairman, UNEP Afghanistan Task Force: After Johannesburg - the way to sustainable development  [Power Point]

Daniel B.Botkin, Research Professor, Dept. of Ecology, Evolution and Marine Biology, University of California: Translating science into policy [Word]

Leif E. Christoffersen: GRID-Arendal Board Chairman, Editor: Summary notes from the seminar. [Word]