Workshops, Seminars and Conferences

Jointly organized by GRID-Arendal and the Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation (NORAD), the workshop was designed for management-level officials and was inspired by an on-going dialogue between NORAD, UNEP and GRID-Arendal on how best to enhance results-tracking and reporting practices.

The United Nations Music and Environment (M&E) will host a workshop for its European network and other partners in Arendal, Norway. The purpose of the gathering is to discuss the current status of the music industry in addressing sustainability issues and agree on the way forward.

This is the third Impact Seminar convened by GRID-Arendal to provide a forum for the exchange
of ideas on the impact of environmental information on decision making.This seminar was designed to examine GRID-Arendal experiences in communications and outreach and to explore ways of enhancing the effectiveness of GRID-Arendal in communicating environmental information and supporting UNEP's mission.

The purpose of the seminar is to discuss and provide recommendations to GRID-Arendal's draft Communication Strategy;
In particular, to discuss and recommend how GRID-Arendal products can make effective contributions to policy development and decision-making in the context of the Rio-Johannesburg process altogether and in the WSSD context.

GRID-Arendal provides environmental information, communications, and capacity building services for information management and assessment. Established to strengthen the United Nations through its Environment Programme (UNEP), its mission is to "make credible, science-based knowledge understandable to the public and to decision-making for sustainable development". The organization strives to maximize the impact of its main product - environmental information - on the broader audience. In this view the benchmarking effort has been made in May, 2000 by launching an internal programme in order to review key issues related to the impact of environmental information on decision-making processes.