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International Conference on Voluntary Business Initiatives for Mitigating Climate Change
Kyoto, 3 December 1997-As we approach a new millennium, the world economy is in transition. Globalization is making the notion of comparative advantage obsolete. Following deregulation of markets and the establishment of regional economic alliances such as APEC and NAFTA, there is an increasing competition in vital sectors of the economy such as the chemicals, metals and transportation. Waves of privatization have hit sectors as diverse as health-care, energy, airlines, and telecommunications. There is also the potential of shifts in production base to countries with lower production costs.
Monday 22 Dec 1997
Statement to the High Level Segment of the Third Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change
Kyoto, 8 December 1997-It was the gradual climb in global average temperatures by just 4 degrees Celsius, over the course of several thousand years, that brought the last ice age to an end. What can we expect from a comparable change in temperature within just the next 50 to 100 years?
Monday 22 Dec 1997
Statement to the 2nd UNEP Conference on Environmental Issues in the Financial Services Sector with Particular Reference to the Insurance Sector
Tokyo, 2 December 1997 -It is a distinct pleasure to welcome you to this second Conference of the UNEP Insurance Initiative on "Environmental Issues in the Financial Services Sector".I want to thank many of you for helping us to structure the agenda. I would also like to take this opportunity to express my thanks to the members of UNEP Insurance Steering Committee for all their efforts and to the "Insurance Industry Initiative for the Environment" for co-sponsoring this event.
Monday 22 Dec 1997
Statement on the 25th Anniversary Celebrations of UNEP
Nairobi, 15 December 1997-Spawned by the Stockholm Conference on the Human Environment, nurtured by the governments of the world, supported in its work by the non-governmental organizations, and thrust onto the public policy agenda by an idealistic new generation, the United Nations Environment Programme's work has cut across national and political divides and spread to almost every country on earth over the last 25 years.
Monday 22 Dec 1997
UN General Assembly elects Klaus Topfer new Executive Diector of UN Environment Programme
New York/Nairobi,3 December 1997- The UN General Assembly today elected Mr. Klaus Topfer of Germany as the new Executive Director of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), for a four-year term effective 1 February 1998.
Monday 08 Dec 1997
Statement to the GLOBE Symposium on Climate Change
Kyoto, 7 December 1997-For those of you who have been part of the climate change discussion over the course of the past ten years, challenge and complexity are familiar words. Without doubt, this issue more than any in history, tests our skills in public policy-making and diplomacy as well as our political will. Climate change is not about meteorology but about energy. Fundamentally it is about the basis of our economic development, our security and our ways of life. And so we must not expect miracles. Our patterns of energy consumption have grown up over centuries and have become entrenched in the life of nations, society and culture. This cannot be changed easily.
Sunday 07 Dec 1997
Insurers call for cuts in greenhouse gas emissions
Kyoto, 3 December 1997- Insurance executives speaking on behalf of more than 70 insurers from around the world will address climate change negotiators here in Kyoto, Japan, by urging for an agreement on measures that will prevent a business-as-usual scenario. With annual revenues of over $US2 trillion, the concerns of the insurance industry will be hard to ignore.
Wednesday 03 Dec 1997
Insurance executives discuss impact of climate change
Tokyo, 2 December 1997- In association with the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), over 200 top level insurance executives and representatives of other financial institutions from more than 10 countries will meet in Tokyo on 2 December, to share experiences and strategies for the implementation of environmental commitments in the insurance sector. Topping the meeting's agenda is the issue of climate change.
Tuesday 02 Dec 1997
UNEP's new office to tackle marine pollution opens in the Hague
Nairobi/The Hague, 19 November 1997-An important step forward will be taken next week in the implementation of an ambitious programme of action dealing with threats to the global marine environment, and the health and economic well- being of the approximately 3.5 billion people that live in the world's coastal areas.
Thursday 20 Nov 1997
Use of GIS in Agricultural Research
14 November 1997 - A publication in the Environmental Information and Assessment Technical Report series UNEP/DEIA/TR.97-9 presents a collection of 43 examples of different applications of GIS and remote sensing techniques in connection with agricultural research projects.
Friday 14 Nov 1997
International Legally Binding Instrument for the Application of the Prior Informed Consent Procedure (PIC) for Certain Chemicals and Pesticides in International Trade. Fourth session.
Rome, 21 October 1997 -This session of the intergovernmental committee has a vital mandate. This is not a bureaucratic exercise. The questions that you will consider deal directly with the future of life on Earth.
Friday 07 Nov 1997
New Internet Resource on Indonesia Forest Fires Available
Nairobi, 28 October 1997-Forest fires continue to burn in Indonesia. They have spread smoke over much of South-East Asia for weeks, causing widespread health alarms and ecological disaster.
Monday 03 Nov 1997
A cry for help: Climate Change and Tourism
Istanbul, 20 October 1997-It is a great honour to be with you today in Istanbul to participate in this 12th General Assembly of the World Tourism Organization (WTO). Tourism is faced with many economic, social and environmental challenges; it also has important responsibilities.
Thursday 23 Oct 1997
A time for choice
Bonn, 17 October 1997 -The United Nations Environment Programme keeps watch over this Earth. We report on the destruction of forests, pollution levels in our oceans, the decline of fish stocks and of shrinking biodiversity. We measure the expansion of the deserts and count environmental refugees. We provide information on the quality of water and the availability of food. We catalogue the fragility of the ozone layer, air quality in cities and the future of the climate system.
Tuesday 21 Oct 1997
UNEP Boss Challenges Tourism Leaders to Join Battle Against Climate Change
Istanbul/Nairobi, 20 October 1997- The head of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), Ms. Elizabeth Dowdeswell, today issued a direct challenge to tourism leaders to join the fight against global climate change.
Monday 20 Oct 1997
New round of negotiations on convention on hazardous chemicals
Rome/Nairobi, 16 October 1997-Negotiations on a new convention on international trade in extremely hazardous chemicals and pesticides will take place in Rome from 20-24 October, the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) announced today.
Monday 20 Oct 1997
World Habitat Day 1997
Nairobi, 3 October 1997-"We, in the United Nations Environment Programme, have always been deeply concerned about the human environment and committed to the task of creating a better quality of life for those who live in cities and urban areas.
Thursday 16 Oct 1997
United Nations Environment Programme and international industry/trade associations discuss environmental strategies
Nairobi/Paris, October 1997-Representatives of 50 major international and national industry associations are meeting in Paris this week with senior United Nations officials, at the initiative of the Industry and Environment office of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), to review industry progress in implementing environmental management tools and discuss emerging production and consumption issues.
Tuesday 14 Oct 1997
First Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification
Rome, 9 October 1997-Mr. Chairman, Excellencies, Ladies and Gentlemen,
Tuesday 14 Oct 1997
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