GRID-Arendal Experts

GRID-Arendal has staff with expert knowledge in their fields of work. Our experts aim to make communication with journalists, researchers and the public easier.

Browse the list below to find the expert who can help with your query.

Peter Prokosch, Elaine Baker, Joan Fabres, Christian Nelleman, Tina Schoolmeester, Morten Sørensen, Yannick Beaudoin, Emily Corcoran, Kristina Thygesen, Jean-Nicolas Poussart

Peter Prokosch, John Crump, Kathrine Ivsett Johnsen, Tiina Kurvits

Anne Solgarrd

Pan-European region
Nickolai Denisov, Ieva Rucevska, Otto Simonett, Valentin Yemelin, Elena Santer-Veligosh

Climate Change
Elaine Baker, John Crump, Joan Fabres

Environment and security
Nickolai Denisov, Otto Simonett

Cartographics and visualization
Riccardo Prevattoni, Jean-Nicolas Poussart, Robert Barnes, Viktor Novikov, Petter Sevaldsen, Ivica Cvetanovski

Communication and outreach
Nickolai Denisov, Otto Simonett, Janet Fernandez Skaalvik, Valentin Yemelin

Poverty and environment
Anne Solgaard

Tourism and conservation
Peter Prokosch, Emily Corcoran

Claudia Heberlein

Web, application and database development
Jarle Mjaasund

Please bear in mind that our experts have full-time commitments. While GRID-Arendal staff do their best to respond quickly and helpfully, inevitably some may not be immediately available, or may have to decline some interview requests.

If you are still unsure about which person to contact, please contact Janet Fernandez Skaalvik.