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GRID-Arendal to produce Vital Graphics on marine litter
These days, GRID-Arendal has started working on a publication on marine litter. The aim isto increase awareness on the topic of marine litter and improve the understanding of its causes, sources, pathways and impacts. It will illustrate ongoing ...
Tuesday 30 Jun 2015
GRID-Arendal on the move: National Waste Management Conference in Norway
Ieva Rucevska participated in the national waste management conference in Norway (Avfallskonferansen 2015) and presented the findings of the UNEP publication Waste Crimes, Waste Risks: Gaps and Challenges In the Waste Sectorthat was prepared by ...
Thursday 18 Jun 2015
Coastal Cleanup Day in Arendal
More than 50 volunteers scoured the beaches at Hove on Saturday, 9 May, picking up marine debris. The event was part of Strandryddedagen, the annual, nationwide volunteer effort to clean the beaches of Norway.
Sunday 07 Jun 2015
GRID-Arendal led the Second Preparatory Committee Meeting for COP6 of Tehran Convention
The Second Preparatory Committee meeting for COP6 of the Tehran Convention was held 31 May - 3 June 2015 in Baku, Azerbaijan. The meeting was attended by representatives of all five Caspian states and chaired by Frits Schlingemann of GRID-Arendal.
Thursday 04 Jun 2015
Biggest Day for Positive Environmental Action Kicks off with a Call to ‘Consume with Care’
World Environment Day (WED), the UN’s principal vehicle to encourage worldwide awareness and action for the environment, will be celebrated around the world on 5 June with a call to governments, communities and individuals to improve their cons ...
Sunday 31 May 2015
They have many stories to tell - Portraits of Resilience director wins award for her work with youth
Young people in the Arctic and Small Island Developing States have a lot in common. They are the first generation to live in a world where the climate has been altered by human activity. They live in regions where the changes have been most pro ...
Friday 22 May 2015
Dumped E-Waste Worth up to $19 Billion Annually Poses Risks to Health, Deprives Countries of Resources
Up to 90 per cent of the world’s electronic waste, worth nearly US $19 billion, is illegally traded or dumped each year, according to a report prepared by GRID-Arendal for the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP).
Tuesday 12 May 2015
GRID-Arendal on the move: World Ocean Assessment – Group of Experts meeting
Peter Harris attended a meeting of the Group of Experts of the World Ocean Assessment (WOA) in New York from 28 to 30 April. The meeting reviewed comments of the draft chapters of the upcoming assessment.
Friday 08 May 2015
Our thoughts are with Nepal
Many of us at GRID-Arendal feel closely connected to Nepal and the terrible tragedy that has struck the country last weekend. For several years now we have been working with the International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD), ...
Tuesday 28 Apr 2015
Blue Forests advanced at the Norwegian Parliament
Late last year,GRID-Arendal, the Norwegian Institute for Water Research (NIVA) and the Institute of Marine Research (IMR) founded a new Norwegian initiative to strengthen and share national competence on ‘blue forest’ habitats. The network is n ...
Monday 27 Apr 2015
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