GRID-Arendal recently completed its third round of the Fredskorpset (FK-Norway) professional exchange programme. The programme helps to strengthen GRID-Arendal’s partnerships in Africa and to identify new areas of focus for future work. Most importantly, it allows GRID-Arendal and its partner organizations to acquire new skills and expertise. Here, our southern participants have shared their experiences in their own words.

Monday 03 Dec 2012

Many Strong Voices recently became an Observer at the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), cementing its position as an international lobbying platform for vulnerable communities of the Arctic and in Small Island Developing States (SIDS).  

Wednesday 28 Nov 2012

Climate change experts and government officials have arrived in Doha, Qatar, for yet another round of global climate talks. Olav Orheim, the chair of GRID-Arendal's board, writes in the British newspaper The Independent that while no one is holding their breath about any major breakthrough on this highly contentious issue, there might – just might – be reason to believe that at last progress can be made.

Wednesday 28 Nov 2012

GRID-Arendal is taking part in national consultations about the future of development once the Millennium Development Goals are retired in 2015. The consultations will held in collaboration with a network of national UN-affiliated institutions and will build on the concept of Sustainable
 Development Goals that came out of Rio+20.

Tuesday 27 Nov 2012

On 18-21 June 2012, GRID-Arendal, under the auspices of the Secretariat of the Abidjan Convention (West Africa Regional Sea), hosted an exploratory workshop dedicated to identifying capacity building needs and priorities for the development of a full scale capacity building programme (Sustainable Seas). 

Tuesday 13 Nov 2012

Arendal celebrates International Days 2012 to mark the observance of the 2012 International Year of Sustainable Energy for All. Jointly organized by a group of local and regional institutions including GRID-Arendal, the events are designed to create awareness about the importance of sustainable energy, to promote action at all levels and to facilitate dialogue across all stakeholders.  

Monday 22 Oct 2012

On 8 October, the Nomadic Herders' project (www.reindeerherding.org/projects/nomadic-herders/) launched the Mongolian edition of the 2012 UNEP "Changing Taiga: Challenges to Mongolia's Reindeer Herders" report, which highlights some of the main environmental issues and challenges facing the countries' last remaining reindeer herders. 

Monday 15 Oct 2012

GRID-Arendal and Blue Climate Solutions today unveiled the redesigned ‘Blue Carbon Portal’, the world’s premier comprehensive community-based website for all matters related to blue carbon. Blue carbon is a concept that advances the sustainable management of coastal marine ecosystems that store and sequester atmospheric carbon, thereby helping to mitigate climate change.

Friday 21 Sep 2012

This week, community leaders from two small villages in very different parts of the world will meet on Bougainville Island in Papua New Guinea (PNG) to discuss a common problem:  their need to relocate as a result of climate change.  The communities of Newtok, Alaska, and the Carteret Islands, Papua New Guinea, are among the first in the world to choose relocation as the best means of adapting to the effects of a changing climate and ensuring their cultural survival. By Alyssa Johl and John Crump*

Wednesday 12 Sep 2012

GRID-Arendal, Kilden Internasjonale Kulturkontor and Aust-Agder Red Cross, in collaboration with the Arendal International Market and the International Week 2012, join the UN call for Sustainable Energy for All by organizing two flash mob events.  The first, a flash mob dance, takes place on Friday, 29 June, at the new Arendal Amphitheatre.  The second, a flash mob splash, takes place on Saturday, 30 June, at Pollen.

Monday 25 Jun 2012