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Minamata Convention on Mercury Opens for Signing 10 October 2013 in Japan
The agreement is a response to the realization that mercury pollution is a global problem that no one country can solve alone. The convention was four years in the making, with morethan 130 nations agreeing by consensus to a final text in Janua ...
Thursday 10 Oct 2013
Video: Payments for Ecosystem Services (PES)
Payments for Ecosystem Services (PES) are of increasing political interest as this approach helps preserve ecosystems and the goods and services they provide. Despite the valid global debate on pros and cons of this scheme, we believe that PES ...
Monday 07 Oct 2013
TEDxArendal celebrated the rich history of Norway's Agder region
In conjunction with Arendalsuka 2013, TEDxArendal celebrated the rich history of Norway's Agder region -- an area known for coastal towns and seaworthy inhabitants -- by juxtaposing it with ideas for its future.
Thursday 26 Sep 2013
Capacity building workshop: State of the Marine Environment reporting
GRID-Arendal, UNEP and the Abidjan Convention are organising a workshop together on State of the Marine Environment (SOME) reporting. It will take place in Grand-Bassam, Côte d'Ivoire, from 31 October to 3 November 2013.
Monday 23 Sep 2013
GRID-Arendal participated in Arendalsuka 2013
Arendalsuka is an annual forum organized by the Municipality of Arendal and attended by national and local representatives of politic parties, businesses and the private sector to present ideas and answer questions on a wide range of political, ...
Thursday 08 Aug 2013
Reindeer herders join in celebrations to mark World Environment Day
June 3, 2013, Ulaan Bataar, Mongolia – During the World Environment Day celebrations – hosted this year by the Government of Mongolia - the Nomadic Herders’ project has held a seminar/workshop on Monday 3rd June entitled “The Future for Reindee ...
Thursday 06 Jun 2013
Two Minutes on Oceans with Jim Toomey: The True Value of Our Oceans
The RONA video was premiered on April 11, 2013 at the World Bank partnership meeting on “Wealth Accounting and Valuation of Ecosystems Services” (WAVES) held at the Washington National Harbor’s Westin Hotel. WAVES is a global partnership that a ...
Tuesday 30 Apr 2013
Arendal a Finalist in the 2013 Earth Hour City Challenge!
GRID-Arendal extends hearty congratulations to the hip and green city of Arendal on reaching the final stage of the Earth Hour City Challenge, a global competition organised by the World Wildlife Fund in collaboration with ICLEI (Local Governme ...
Friday 25 Jan 2013
Caspian Environmental Information Centre launched
The high-level representatives and delegations present at the fourth Conference of the Parties of the Framework Convention for the Protection of the Marine Environment of the Caspian Sea (Tehran Convention) welcomed the launch of the Caspian En ...
Monday 07 Jan 2013
Fredskorpset Exchange Provides Unique Learning Opportunity
GRID-Arendal recently completed its third round of the Fredskorpset (FK-Norway) professional exchange programme. The programme helps to strengthen GRID-Arendal’s partnerships in Africa and to identify new areas of focus for future work. Most im ...
Monday 03 Dec 2012