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Blurred on Blue
A few days spent at the recent Africa Export-Import Bank’s 2016 Annual General Shareholder meeting were a rich learning experience to say the least. A gathering of the central bankers of the continent along with various Ministers from finance a ...
Sunday 07 Aug 2016
Blue Solutions Forum Africa
The Blue Solutions Initiative held its “Regional Forum on Solutions for Oceans, Coasts and Human Wellbeing in Africa“, on 31 May to 3 June 2016 in Zanzibar. The event gathered more than 100 participants from 24 African countries to share succes ...
Tuesday 12 Jul 2016
Tackling plastic pollution should begin at the source, says new report
A new report says we need to act now if we want to avoid living in a sea of plastic by mid-century – even if we don’t know everything about what it’s doing to the health of the environment or people.
Wednesday 06 Jul 2016
Is burning fossil fuel like smoking tobacco?
One of the most successful public health campaigns in the world was to stop people smoking tobacco. We know that smoking tobacco increases the risk of lung cancer and heart disease; science shows that smoking generally harms every aspect of hum ...
Friday 01 Jul 2016
A picture is worth (more than) 1000 words
The Limpopo River rises in central southern Africa and stretches through Botswana, South Africa, and Zimbabwe before meeting the Indian Ocean in Mozambique. Environmental experts from these four countries met recently in Harare to learn how to ...
Friday 17 Jun 2016
Advancing the Environmental Agenda
GRID-Arendal was front and centre in several important events at the second United Nations Environmental Assembly held recently in Nairobi, Kenya.
Tuesday 14 Jun 2016
European Ministers target air pollution, focus on green economy at environment conference
If you ask your neighbour who is most threatened by air pollution, the answer will likely be people living in cities like Beijing or Mumbai.
Tuesday 14 Jun 2016
"Gender Inequality Hampers Sustainable Development"
Over the past year I have been fortunate to be part of the lead authors team of the Global Gender Environment Outlook (GGEO) of which an abridged version was prepared for and launched during UNEA-2. The full version of the GGEO will be released ...
Thursday 02 Jun 2016
"Green Civilization"
I went to UNEA-2 along with Director Anders Oskal and Professor Svein Mathiesen from the International Centre for Reindeer Husbandry (ICR) to work with other like-minded people to help increase understanding of the importance of pastoralism. ...
Thursday 02 Jun 2016
Mesophotic Coral Ecosystems
There has been a lot of bad news in the last weeks about coral reefs. We have heard that 93% of reefs in Australia’s Great Barrier Reef have bleached as a result of the current El Nino, which climate scientists all agree has been exacerbated by ...
Wednesday 25 May 2016
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