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Bad news and good news as climate talks open in Morocco
The Paris climate agreement came into force last Friday, just ahead of this year’s climate negotiations in Marrakesh. There has been a lot of bad news for the planet in the last year, beginning with the fact that 2016 is on track to be the ...
Monday 07 Nov 2016
GRID-Arendal at Norway - South Africa Week
GRID-Arendal is at the annual Norway-South Africa Science Week in Cape Town supporting the long standing tradition of partnership and collaboration between the two countries.
Thursday 03 Nov 2016
Save a whale, save the planet
In historic agreement, nations recognize the role of whales as ecosystem engineers helping to address the global climate challenge. Protecting whale populations has an important role to play in fighting global warming.
Tuesday 01 Nov 2016
Always talk to the person sitting next to you
A chance encounter on a regional flight in Tanzania two years ago led Bishop Benson Bagonza from Karagwe, Tanzania, to Arendal to speak about sustainable agriculture at a UN Week event.
Wednesday 26 Oct 2016
Internasjonale Dager 2016 - Program (22. - 26. oktober)
Internasjonale dager er viktig for å integrere læring, oppdagelse og gi en følelse av fellesskap. Vi setter fokus på det globale perspektivet og det interkulturelle klimaet i byen vår. Innbyggerne inspireres til å engasjere seg i aktiviteter so ...
Tuesday 11 Oct 2016
What if the solutions to keeping our planet healthy were already out there?
Sometimes it’s easy to get the impression that the world is full of problems for which there are no solutions. Climate change, polluted oceans, species loss and other issues seem large and impossible to tackle.
Wednesday 05 Oct 2016
The Arctic Council at 20
Two decades ago the Arctic was considered a remote part of the world, locked in perpetual winter. It was a place that occasionally fired the southern imagination but which was seen to have little connection to life elsewhere on the planet.
Tuesday 04 Oct 2016
Malaysia workshop focused on hazardous waste imports
The city of Malaka has been at the heart of east-west marine trade for hundreds of years. It sits on the Strait of Malacca which connects the Pacific and Indian oceans. Traders from Arabia, Africa and Persia used the strait to reach China centu ...
Monday 03 Oct 2016
Many islands, many food opportunities
Food security for the world’s island communities in an era of climate change. When we think about tropical islands, we tend to imagine places where people have all the food they need. They can pick fruit off trees or harvest bountiful gard ...
Thursday 22 Sep 2016
Plastic can end up on your dinner plate
Garbage from all corners of the Earth has washed ashore along the south coast and put its stamp on all living things in the ocean. Now local scientists are sounding a warning.
Tuesday 13 Sep 2016
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