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Music & Environment Initiative

The first UN Music & Environment Initiative Stakeholder Meeting took place in Arendal, Norway from 22 to 23 March 2010. The meeting was organized by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and it's collaborating centre GRID-Arendal. The meeting brought together 24 representatives of the music industry to discuss the current  state of environmental and sustainability issues within the industry  and discuss a way forward.

Representatives came from a broad range of areas in the music industry and agreed on a clear goal: To urgently reduce our environmental footprint by shifting to more sustainable production and consumption patterns, cutting down our carbon emissions, and becoming more efficient in the use of scarce resources.

Together with our prominent partners, we hope to use the popularity of music to promote environmental awareness and respect for the environment among the public, especially young people. Our goal is to assist in the process of “greening” the music and entertainment industry.

Since 2007, GRID-Arendal has been working together on environmental issues with two of the stakeholders, the Hove and Canal Street festivals. We have given advice on practical solutions for waste management and engaged in awareness raising activities. Many of our staffmembers have worked as volunteers at the festivals.

GRID-Arendal at the Hove Festival 2010
This year GRID-Arendal was again present at the Hove festival to engage with the youth, enjoy the music and document environment related activities. Together with the Aust-Agder County we challenged festival attendees with the question: “How can festivals improve their environmental friendliness?” The best idea judged will win a bicycle worth NOK 4000. On Thursday, 1st July, we challenged the Norwegian government, the Hove Festival leader and a representative from Friends of the Earth in a public debate about what role festivals and the rest of the music industry can play in environmental leadership.

Here is our current potpourri of photos from Hove Festival visualizing music and environment. You can also follow Hove on Twitter


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