Focus areas


Assessments and Reporting

There is a great need for more and better information about environmental issues in Africa at both policy level and amongst the general public. One means to improve the environmental knowledge base is the production and assimilation of environmental assessments and reports and this is one of the main activities of GRID-Arendal in the African region. Already, a list of publications communicating environmental issues in Africa have been produced in close cooperation with our African partners, and more are in the pipeline.


Capacity Building

Capacity building in the area of environmental knowledge and management is often a necessity to ensure sound environmental policies and actions. While capacity building in the African context historically has been dominated by a top-down approach, the Africa activities of GRID-Arendal is grounded in the belief that knowledge-sharing is a mutual exercise. Ensuring partner’s ownership over projects is an equally important aspect of capacity building and often the key to ensure project sustainability and lasting impacts on the ground.