The GRID House

GRID-house eco renovation


GRID House mission statement

The GRID House in Arendal will be a showcase for environmentally friendly reconstruction in the Nordic region and under a UN aegis. The house will focus on protecting employee health while operating in an ecological and resource efficient manner.

With the clear UN profile the house should be an international attraction open to and serving the public in the Southern Norway region while hosting one of the biggest UN offices in Norway. The house will host UN organizations and other institutions primarily dedicated to sustainable development.

It is certainly desirable to build in a sustainable, environmentally friendly manner. But is not less important to learn how to convert the existing buildings, dating back to 60-70’s into energy-efficient, ecologically viable and attractive space for work and recreation. The advantages include not only the result - a “green” building, but also a process – facilitating the eco-efficient construction together with developers and construction companies, in other words - “greening” the construction practices.

“Green” office building
The UN eco-efficient house will feature eco-efficient solutions for:

  • low energy consumption;
  • lighting;
  • ventilation;
  • environmentally friendly materials;
  • organization of the office and recreational space;