The GRID House


About the building

The building was raised in 1965 by the local Energy company. It is five stories high and the area is approximately 2.500 m2. The structure is in concrete with flat slabs and supporting columns. The concrete is casted in-situ except for the facade where it is pre-casted. The stories are three meters high and the slabs are 250 mm thick, which means that the net height is 2,75 meters.

The building is in the perfect location right on the waterfront near the old Rådhus, which makes it very attractive for visitors and highly visible in the city.

The building is in a good condition compared to the original standard and technical solutions, but there are many things, which do not satisfy the requirements of a modern office building and regulations for new buildings.

General project description

The project is focusing on reconstruction of the GRID House for better in-house climate, straightening up the building and legal needs that have been identified by Staerk and Co, the engineering consultants who have conducted a state of the house report for GRID-Arendal. Finally, the project will focus on applying an environmentally friendly building approach to the project in order for the final house to be an environmental reconstruction show case.