The GRID House



The head office of GRID-Arendal is currently located at the harbour of Arendal city. Inaugurated in November 2006, the GRID House demonstrates our commitment to environmental responsibility through design, material use and operation. 

In 2007, the GRID House was one of three finalists to be awarded the Glassbjørnen Prize, given by the Norwegian Foundation for Sustainable Consumption and Production (GRIP), is given in recognition of the most eco-efficient procurement policy practised by a Norwegian organization.

The GRID House in Arendal will be a showcase for environmentally friendly reconstruction in the Nordic region and under a UN aegis.


Being located in Nairobi, Kenya, UNEP is interested in upgrading its presence in Europe. With the clear UN profile the GRID-house in Arendal will be an international attraction open to and serving the public in the Southern Norway region while hosting one of the biggest UN offices in Norway. The house will host UN organizations and other institutions primarily dedicated to sustainable development. Location of the GRID-house in Norway is a solid manifestation of the strong Norwegian support to the UN.

The building is in the perfect location right on the waterfront near the old Rådhus, which makes it very attractive for visitors and highly visible in the city.

One reason to why GRID-Arendal moves to the centre of town is to profile the UN in town and in the local area. We will continue our cooperation for developing the knowledge in Arendal Knowledge Park. Parallel to this we will work to improve the visibility of the work and results of UNEP and GRID-Arendal for visitors to this part of Norway.