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Judith Maréchal

Research Assistant, Polar & Cryosphere Division
Phone: + (47) 94804222
Email: Judith.Marechal@grida.no

Judith Maréchal (French) is temporary working for GRID-Arendal as a Research Assistant for the Polar Division.  Judith has a Master in Arctic Studies from the University of Versailles St-Quentin-en-Yvelines, where she specialized in Sustainable development and Sciences of the Environment.

Judith spent several months in Greenland doing research about the environmental knowledge of local hunters, where she also took an active interest in the question of waste treatment systems in the region, including the extensive use and release of copper sulfate into the marine ecosystems, under the aegis of the Uummannaq Polar Institute (UPI). Her previous trainings and experiences - in UNESCO and the Chirac Foundation among others - include communication (web site management, science popularization, writing and publishing of articles, translating speeches, community management), event planning (conferences, exhibitions, ceremonies), developing a scientific Arctic related database, and audiovisual work (postproduction of documentaries). As free lance translator, she was also involved in the French-Greenlandic film ‘Inuk’.