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Elaine Baker

Senior Expert, Marine Sciences, Marine Division (University of Sydney)
Phone: +61 2 93 51 3000 / +47 99162969
Email: ebaker@mail.usyd.edu.au

• PhD University of Sydney, Australia. Sedimentation in a Tidally dominated delta and the impact of upstream mining: Fly River Papua New Guinea
• M. App. Sc. Environmental Toxicology
• B.Sc. (Hons.)
• Dip. Languages (Modern Hebrew)
UNESCO Chair of Marine Ecosystem Management at the University of Sydney
Manager of the UNEP Shelf Programme in the Pacific
Associate Director Australian Ocean Drilling Program Secretariat (AUSODP), University of Sydney (1998 –  2003)
Program Manager (1994-1998) seconded from the University of Sydney to Sydney Water
Research Fellow (1985-94) School of Geosciences University of Sydney
Well-site Geologist (1982-1984) Gearhart Australia