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Programmes & Services

Our Programmes

At GRID-Arendal, we support UNEP’s key activities by facilitating and coordinating the production of environmental publications, reports and assessments. We also work with environmental organizations and agencies, both in Norway and internationally, to reinforce the environmental message that protecting our environment is everyone’s responsibility.

Polar Division – UNEP Key Polar Centre

The Polar Regions are facing ever-increasing changes arising from climate change and development.  These changes are creating both challenges and opportunities with global implications.

The Polar Centre promotes sustainable development of the Arctic and Antarctica by engaging in international stakeholder processes, raising awareness for sound decision-making, and building the capacity of Arctic peoples.

In collaboration with numerous partners and regional stakeholders, the Polar Centre undertakes environmental management and capacity building initiatives focused on the Polar Regions in a global context.

Marine Division

The earth’s oceans play a crucial role in global environmental equilibrium and economic wellbeing. Unfortunately, they are under mounting pressure due to increased human activities. The resulting changes in the marine environment are occurring at a higher pace than anticipated, affecting especially the most vulnerable communities.

Through capacity building and assessment initiatives, the Marine Division promotes responsible and sustainable management of the oceans and coasts by addressing issues of sovereignty, resource management and protection of the marine environment also in the context of climate change.

The UNEP Shelf Programme, a component of the Marine Division, assists developing states in completing the activities required to establish the outer limits of their continental shelves according to Article 76 of the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS).  

Capacity Building & Assessments Division

In addition to the geographical areas covered by the Polar and Marine Divisions, GRID-Arendal undertakes global, regional and local activities that support development processes, build capacity in integrated environmental assessment and reporting, and facilitate the development and dissemination of outreach and communication tools that link science to policy, and information to result and impacts.  

GRID-Arendal specifically contributes to UNEP’s Programmes of Work in Africa, and countries in the Pan-European region.

Our Services

GRID-Arendal has a strong focus on the development of scientifically and politically credible assessments, capacity building activities, and innovative outreach and communication tools, methodologies and products to enhance sustainable development, human security and well-being by contributing to UNEP’s programme of work.   In collaboration with partners around the world, our team creates, publishes and disseminates environmental information for change:

Environmental assessments and reporting
We undertake and support assessments based on best available scientific expertise,
knowledge, data and indicators. See publications

State of the Environment reporting framework
We developed a framework now used by regional, national and local governments.

Graphics and cartographics
We are known for our cartographic products, atlases and interactive world maps.
Vital Graphics
Maps & Graphics Library

Electronic products
We develop and maintain websites and other electronic tools.

Earthwire daily newsfeeds
We provide a library of current news articles on environmental issues, such as climate
change, biodiversity, and water, covering regions from northern Europe to Africa.