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Board of Directors

The members of GRID-Arendal's Board of Directors and its Chairman are appointed by the Ministry of Environment for a period of three years.
The Board is GRID-Arendal's highest authority and their main responsibilities are:

To ensure that the foundation's operation corresponds to the aims designated in the By-Laws by:

  • promoting cooperation with research and educational institutions, key professional individuals and authorities both antional and international.
  • ensuring beneficial contact with users of the foundation's services.

To supervise the foundation's management by:

  • employing/dismissing the Director, and determining his/her salary and working conditions.
  • employing/dismissing management personnel reporting directly to the Director, and determining the general framework for the salary system and working conditions for all employees.
  • ensuring that the staff represents the desired level of professional competence to carry out GRID-Arendal's work program.
  • approving work programs and budgets and evaluating work accomplished.
  • ensuring a sound operation and an economy with adequate reserve funds.
  • approving budgets and accounts.
  • appointing a Certified Public Accountant.
  • ensuring necessary reporting and accounting procedures.
  • proposing compensation for Board members to the Ministry of the Environment.