Board of Directors

Members of the Board

Olav Orheim (Chair)

Randi Reinertsen (Deputy Chair)

Berit Lein

Klaus Liedtke

Nils Karbø

Yngvild Lorentzen

Jacqueline McGlade (Observer, UNEP)

Morten Sørensen (Staff Representative)

The members of GRID-Arendal's Board of Directors and its Chairman are appointed by the Ministry of Environment for a period of three years.
The Board is GRID-Arendal's highest authority and their main responsibilities are:

To ensure that the foundation's operation corresponds to the aims designated in the By-Laws by:

  • promoting cooperation with research and educational institutions, key professional individuals and authorities both antional and international.
  • ensuring beneficial contact with users of the foundation's services.

To supervise the foundation's management by:

  • employing/dismissing the Director, and determining his/her salary and working conditions.
  • employing/dismissing management personnel reporting directly to the Director, and determining the general framework for the salary system and working conditions for all employees.
  • ensuring that the staff represents the desired level of professional competence to carry out GRID-Arendal's work program.
  • approving work programs and budgets and evaluating work accomplished.
  • ensuring a sound operation and an economy with adequate reserve funds.
  • approving budgets and accounts.
  • appointing a Certified Public Accountant.
  • ensuring necessary reporting and accounting procedures.
  • proposing compensation for Board members to the Ministry of the Environment.